Best Paper Awards

In three categories, Best Paper Awards, first and second prize, were distinguished at the symposium and handed out at the banquet on June 21, 2016.

Paper Awards Chair: Miguel Ángel Sotelo

Best Paper Award – First Prize:
Lukas Schneider, Marius Cordts, Timo Rehfeld, David Pfeiffer, Markus Enzweiler, Uwe Franke, Marc Pollefeys, Stefan Roth
For the paper entitled: Semantic Stixels: Depth is Not Enough

Best Paper Award – Second Prize:
Alexander Scheel, Christina Knill, Stephan Reuter, Klaus Dietmayer
For the paper entitled: Multi-Sensor Multi-Object Tracking of Vehicles using High-Resolution Radars

Best Poster Paper Award – First Prize:
Georg Schildbach, Matthias Soppert, Francesco Borrelli
For the paper entitled: A Collision Avoidance System at Intersections using Robust Model Predictive Control

Best Poster Paper Award – Second Prize:
Peter Ritzer, Christoph Winter, Jonathan Brembeck
For the paper entitled: Experimental Validation of Geometric Path Following Control with Demand Supervision on an Overactuated Robotic Vehicle

Best PhD Paper Award – First Prize:
Xiangjun Qian, Arnaud de La Fortelle, Fabien Moutarde
For the paper entitled: A Hierarchical Model Predictive Control Framework for On-Road Formation Control of Autonomous Vehicles

Best PhD Paper Award – Second Prize:
Martin Buczko, Volker Willert
For the paper entitled: How to Distinguish Inliers from Outliers in Visual Odometry for High-Speed Automotive Applications

Photos from the ceremony can be seen here