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A family law attorney practices law exclusively in the area of family law. They’ll be involved in proceedings relating to family law cases, like mediation, arbitration, negotiations, and make court appearances on your behalf. In the long run, their goal will be to resolve the case in a time frame that works for the client. They will also aim to resolve the case as amicably as possible.
Communication skills are an essential characteristic of a family law attorney. They’ll advocate on your behalf, which means that they’ll be sharing your goals and needs with the other parties. You’ll want those to be communicated effectively and correctly. You’ll also want to have an understanding of the other party’s needs and goals, so your family law attorney should be an effective communicator in both directions.
The family law attorney that is right for your case will have a case history that matches up with the details of your case. They’ll use their previous experience to set expectations and to set you up for success. They’ll know the courts and they’ll have a good understanding of what to expect. They’ll also know what the next moves will be from the other parties and prepare you for those moves.