Exhibition activities

During the symposium there will be plenty of possibilities to interact with companies and organizations in the exhibition area. There will be demonstration vehicles directly outside, and there will be possibilities to visit the driving simulator at VTI.

Exhibitors and sponsors are found HERE.


The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), is an independent and internationally prominent research institute in the transport sector. VTI’s principal task is to conduct research and development related to infrastructure, traffic and transport.

VTI is the leader and host of the ViP Driving Simulation Centre.

Driving simulation

In order to continuously improve traffic safety, it is important to know how the driver is affected by factors like new technology, driving dynamics, road design, drugs and alcohol, tiredness and driver support systems. With VTI’s driving simulators, repeatable experiments can be carried out and realistic driving experiences can be created.

VTI’s simulator environment is unique. It currently comprises three large, advanced driving simulators, two in Linköping and one in Göteborg. The institute uses an in-house developed open source code and can therefore offer experiments tailored to the needs that exist.

Smaller fixed based simulators are also developed for various specific purposes, like driver training, medical assessment and demonstrations. These simulators are customized for external parties and based on the VTI simulation software to enable a “plug-and-play” solution with VTI’s full scale simulators SIM II, SIM III and SIM IV.

Sim IV

Sim IV is the newest simulator, inaugurated in 2011 and situated in Göteborg. It has an advanced motion system and is the only one of VTI’s simulators to permit significant linear movement along both x- and y-axes. It is the first choice when simultaneous longitudinal and lateral acceleration is important or if a wide field of vision is prioritised. The simulator has both a passenger car compartment and a truck cabin. The visual system gives the driver a 210-degree forward field of vision.

Visit to VTI and Sim IV

When visiting VTI in Göteborg you will be able to see the simulator in action. One member of the group will be able to experience the advanced motion system from the driver’s seat. The rest will watch the scenarios on a screen and simultaneously see the reactions of the driver.

Read more: http://www.vti.se/en/research-areas/vehicle-technology/driving-simulation/

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